Shish Kabob

How to make Shish Kabobs

Throughout the summer there is a lot of barbecuing at my house. One fun recipe to try out on the grill this year is shish kabobs ! They are so good! One of the best things about shish kabobs is that you can flavor them in so many ways. Personally marinading seems to be the best way to go. Anything from Honey Garlic, Korean Barbecue, BBQ etc. My biggest tip for this recipe is to let the shish kabobs marinade over night if you can. It soaks up all the flavor and makes for one good meal! Trust me… it’s is worth the wait!  Shishkebab

vegi more vegi


  • Peppers (try and get different colored ones for flavor and fun!)
  • Mushrooms
  • Onions

This and easy and fairly straight forward recipe thankfully. Dice up your veggies so that they are over an inch big in length but only 1/2 inch thick at most. Then using skewers, start to slide the veggies and meat on. For meat you can use chicken or beef it’s really up to you and your taste buds! Once you have finished your skewers marinade overnight.

After Shish Kabobs have marinaded over night you are ready to barbecue!


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