Pasta Dough


2 cups of flour

3 eggs

1 teaspoon olive oil

pinch of salt

Serves 2

Begin this recipe by mounding the flour on a clean working surface. Next, hollow out the center of the flour creating a bowl. Break the eggs in a separate dish and whisk together. Poor the eggs into the center of the flour bowl.

WARNING if this is your first time do all of this in a bowl! If you are not careful and break the sides of the flour wall the eggs will spill out everywhere !  ( I learned the hard way ) haha.

Now add the salt and olive oil to the center where your eggs are. Begin to gently mix the flour in with the eggs, olive oil and salt. Pull the flour into the mixture from the sides of the flour wall. Soon the dough will get thick and eventually you will need your hands.

Using your hands keep working the dough until it comes together in a ball. If your finding that the dough ball is sticky add a little flour and if it is a little dry add some water.

IMG_1508Here comes the hard part! Keep kneading the dough until it becomes smooth and elastic. This typically takes around 8 minutes. Once you have kneaded the dough cover it with plastic wrap and set aside to rest for 15 minutes. After the dough has had time to rest cut it into two portions.

IMG_1511 Flour a clean working surface and begin rolling the dough. This takes patience. If you have a pasta machine then you are off to the races! Keep rolling the dough out until it is almost paper thin. 
IMG_1513Once pasta is thin and rolled out it’s time to decide what shape you would like your pasta noodles to be. I choose to make bow tie noodles this time. For this you will need to cut the dough into long strips about 3/4th of an inch thick. (It’s really up to you).

IMG_1519Cut each strip up into little rectangles.


Once they are in the shape of a rectangle take your index finger and thumb and squeeze the center of each one. Soon they will look like this.


When you are finished you can cook the pasta for 8-11 minutes in boiling water.


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15 thoughts on “Pasta Dough

  1. Reblogged this on my page. I was just talking to my dad (a chef) about homemade pasta and noodles since we are trying to cut out processed foods. I cannot WAIT to try this! If we like the taste of the dough, I think I may invest in a pasta machine! I’ll come back in a few days to let you know how it turned out! 🙂

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  2. Sockmonkey’s Kitchen & Laís @thediabeticviking Thank you so much! I am very happy you are enjoying my blog! 😀 !!!


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